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What is a COI when hiring a handyman.

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) for a handyman is a document that provides proof of insurance coverage for a handyman or a contractor. It is typically issued by the handyman's insurance company and is often requested by clients or employers before the handyman starts working on a project. The COI provides important information about the handyman's insurance policy, including:

1. **Insurance Company Information:** It lists the name of the insurance company that provides coverage to the handyman.

2. **Policyholder Information:** It includes the handyman's name or the name of their business.

3. **Policy Number:** This is a unique identification number for the insurance policy.

4. **Effective Dates:** It specifies the dates during which the insurance policy is valid.

5. **Type of Coverage:** It details the type of insurance coverage the handyman has, such as liability insurance or workers' compensation insurance.

6. **Coverage Limits:** It outlines the maximum amount the insurance policy will pay for claims or damages.

7. **Additional Insured:** Sometimes, the COI may include the name of the client or property owner as an "additional insured." This means that the client is also covered by the handyman's insurance for certain liabilities related to the project.

The purpose of a Certificate of Insurance is to assure the client or employer that the handyman has insurance coverage in case of accidents, property damage, or other unforeseen events during the course of the project. It provides peace of mind and helps protect both the handyman and the client in case of any unexpected incidents. Clients often request COIs to ensure that they are not financially liable for any mishaps that may occur while the handyman is working on their property.

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